Traumatized children often come to treatment with underdeveloped adaptive coping skills. When using Flexibly Sequential Play Therapy (FSPT) we need to understand  a child's current coping strategies and augment adaptive coping before we open up their potential movement through the trauma content. This webinar will address the ingredients for healthy coping and offer practical, play-based, immediately useful strategies to assess a child’s coping and expand the child’s repertoire of healthy coping resources. Come and play!

The learning objectives for this webinar include: 

  1. List the four main ingredients for healthy coping
  2. List two hallmarks of maladaptive coping
  3. Describe 2 play therapy activities that can help clinicians assess a child’s current coping
  4. Delineate 5 play therapy techniques for enhancing adaptive functioning in
    traumatized children

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