This workshop is for anyone who works with dysregulated children. Come and learn a simple but powerful set of co-regulation strategies that can be used by therapists, parents, and teachers, when children and teens are not in their “choosing minds.” Co-regulation strategies will be unpacked and ways to playfully provide this psychoeducation to caregivers will be modeled. Participants will also leave with some immediately usable play therapy interventions that support the practice of the SOOTHE strategies with children who tend towards dysregulation in classroom settings, homes, and clinical spaces. 

After the webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. list the six co-regulation strategies codified in the acronym SOOTHE
  2. describe three play therapy activities that play therapists can use when providing this pyschoeducational content to parents
  3. describe six play therapy interventions that support the practice of SOOTHE strategies between caregivers and children

Course curriculum